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15.05.17 - SuperValu Upcycling Challenge: #supervalutidytowns

SuperValu Upcycling Challenge: #supervalutidytowns

Are you ready for the new SuperValu upcycling challenge?


This challenge, new for 2017, encourages TidyTowns groups to integrate upcycled materials into their communities, such as old wheelbarrows, pallets and bicycle tyres, and turn them into beautiful community creations.


There are lots of prizes on offer for the winning entries!


To help TidyTowns groups with this challenge, SuperValu have produced a series of free demonstration videos available online (click here to see them).


Learn how to recycle palettes to create the perfect bench, upcycle old tyres to make seasonal flowers beds, or reuse tea bags and coffee beans to create compost and much more!


Taking part is easy - just download the entry form at SuperValu.ie before August 11th or upload your photographs directly to the SuperValu Facebook page.


Alternatively, share your photos on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #supervalutidytowns.


For more information, please visit https://supervalu.ie/real-people/sponsorship/tidytowns/2017-launch


Story Source: SuperValu


Photo Source: Pixabay