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28.01.16 - Burren Food Trail: European Destination of Excellence

Burren Food Trail: European Destination of Excellence

The Burren Food Trail in County Clare has won the Award for the Tourism and Local Gastronomy, under the EDEN initiative.


EDEN, European Destinations of Excellence, aims to promote sustainable tourism development models across the EU. The initiative is based on national competitions and promotional campaigns that result in the selection and promotion of a tourist 'destination of excellence' for each participating country.


The Burren Food Trail is located in a remarkable place where geology, ecology, archaeology, agriculture, history, food and traditional Irish music are deeply rooted in the landscape and culture of the region. It is a landscape of hills, valleys, plateaus, cliffs, beaches, turloughs, lakes, streams, depressions, and caves – all of which provide us with a truly remarkable window into the geological history of North Clare and the West of Ireland.


To find out more about EDEN, please visit: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/eden/about/index_en.htm


Story Source: EU Commission Representation in Ireland

Photo Source: Tourism Ireland