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Ballymun Biodiversity Plan

The Ballymun Biodiversity Plan is the first sub-county plan of its kind in Ireland. It is an excellent model of how biodiversity can be researched and actions identified to preserve and enhance it, right in the heart of an urban area. As such, it is a model for anyone wondering how to go about doing such an exercise, wherever they live. Reproduced with kind permission of Ballymun TidyTowns and Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. Ballymun Regeneration Ltd., 2008.

Important changes to the 2014 SuperValu TidyTowns Competition

A full list of all the important changes for the 2014 SuperValu TidyTowns Competition.

TidyTowns Handbook

The TidyTowns Handbook is published by the TidyTowns Unit for the use of community groups intending to participate in the National TidyTowns Competition. It aims to inform work activities in innovative and environmentally-sensitive ways.